Diverse and vibrant foodscapes

Taking a stand against food desertification and  for the preservation of traditional and popular food landscapes that reflect the interconnection between biodiversity, traditional knowledge, food, pleasure, health and the historical evolution of peoples and our society.

Promoting sustainable and just farming systems. That means, systems that preserve earth’s fertility, hydrographic ecosystems and landscapes. Farming systems based on agroecological practices and fair prices for family farmers.

Healthy and real food

We like true and healthy food. A food that is closely linked with the community and the identity of territories and agricultural systems that give rise to it. These foods should preferably not contain food additives and should be free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics and hormones, genetically modified organisms and significant industrial manipulations.

Learning through cultivating, eating and celebrating

We learn that our relationship with food is the essence of who we are and our culture, which is in constant change. Therefore, we want to share knowledge about food and popular culinary, just like we do with seeds, because knowledge exchange and its preservation have a determining role in keeping our food resilience.

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