Serra da Estrela, Portugal


2 Days 12 Participants

Serra da Estrela is the highest point in the country, its identity anchor where the only Portuguese river is born. Land of Viriato, resistance and the old Lusitânia. A place of refuge.

Portugal converges, symbolically, to this land of flocks, once in motion.

A landscape characterized by valleys and ridges, where the fertility of the first depends on the seconds.

A system based in small and medium family farmers, composed by forest, lamb meat, parsnip, trouts, legumes, some rye, olive and wine, in particular, and, more recently, dairy sheep of the breed “Bordaleira”, which is a base for a specialized cheese production system – the cheese from Serra da Estrela – perhaps the most recognized cheese from Portugal.

From the transhumance to the cheese production we will be guided by the hand of shepherds and understand the delicate (un)balances of this complex food system and an important “slice” of Portugal´s food history.



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